Rua do General Sousa Dias | Street

Walk along the Rua do Duque de Loulé (Duke of Loulé Street), to the South, you will see a viaduct that was built over the Fontainhas walk, known as Rua do General Sousa Dias (General Sousa Dias Street). From which you may observe the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar (Monastery of Serra do Pilar).

Note that the Duke of Loulé, Nuno Moura Barreto, was a member of Dom Pedro’s troops, disembarking on the beach known today as Praia da Memória (Memory Shore), in the county of Matosinhos. The duke was a constitutionalist and supporter of Liberal ideals.

During the City Siege (1832-1833), two army batteries were stationed nearby Rua do General Sousa Dias – the Fontainhas battery and the Postigo do Sol.

  • GPS coordinates
    41.14228, -8.60655
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