Quartel-General de D. Pedro IV | House

Ever since 1788, the present Rua de Cedofeita (Cedofeita Street) was the road to Vila do Conde and Barcelos. In 1795 a new urban planning project was created in the city, contemplating the construction of housing along the street. During Dom Pedro’s regency, some of its houses, along with those located in Rua da Torrinha (Torrinha Street), were used as official buildings. Known as Rua da Liberdade (Liberty Street) it was, at the time, a street with elegant houses; it became a focus of vibrant social activity, especially when Dom Pedro moved into number 395, owned by the family Ribeiro de Faria Guimarães.

Today, this building remains unnoticed and does not exhibit any reference to its historical past.
The present name – Rua de Cedofeita – is relatively recent, dating from after the Siege of Porto.

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    41.153578, -8.618652
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