Quartel de Santo Ovídio | Army Quarters

By late 18th century the Segundo Regimento de Artilharia do Porto (Second Regiment of Artillery of Porto) was stationed in barns located in the area of Cordoaria.

The need to locate them in a more dignifying building led to the construction of Santo Ovídio’s Army Quarters. Queen Maria I ordered its construction on February 20th, 1790.

Its project was signed by Reinaldo Oudinot and the construction was coordinated by Teodoro Maldonado and José Francisco de Paiva. It was built with stone coming from the Lapa and Fontainhas quarries but also from the historical defensive wall, known as Muralha Fernandina. During the Siege of Porto the Santo Ovídio Militia was stationed in the building.

  • GPS Coordinates
    41.15517, -8.61257
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